Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Quantity: 450 ml (15.2 fl oz)

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Cold pressed carrier oil. 100% pure, undiluted, fragrance free. Moisturizes skin. Nourishing; promotes healthy looking skin and hair

Cold pressed carrier oil

100% pure, undiluted, fragrance free

Moisturizes skin,

Nourishing, promotes healthy looking skin and hair

Suggested use

Self love: Use 100% pure Virgin Coconut oil to moisturize and tighten skin, anti fungal and bacterial, prevents irritation , scaly rough patches and improves skin texture

Hair: Deep conditions, tames frizz, ads shine, clears scalp debris, minimizes dandruff, stimulates blood circulation, reduces hair fall and increases hair growth.

Carrier oil: Add 6-8 drops of your favourite Truly Essential oil for 10ml of Virgin Coconut oil to create your custom blend

Makeup remover: Add a few drops of Virgin Coconut oil to a cotton or facial wipe, massage and gently remove make up.

100% pure Virgin Coconut oil gets easily absorbed by skin, non greasy, reduces pores and used for all skin types

Ingredients:  Virgin Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), Expeller pressed and Hexane free

Truly Essential Promise

Your health and wellbeing is most important to us. At Truly Essential we stand by our products and aim to provide you 100% quality. When it comes to your health you deserve nothing but the best.


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