Truly Essential stands for using nature’s ingredients for a healthy living. The concept of using essential oils for preventive and curative healing is a great example of what nature has to offer us. Truly essential embodies the essence of aromatherapy through our diverse and high quality range of products which soothes, revives and replenishes. Our home grown range of small batch essential oils guarantees that every bottle is blessed with the secrets of aromatherapy. Consistent quality is what we strive for every day, customers are our pride & joy and their satisfaction (happy customers) is of utmost importance.

Our story

Based in Mysuru, a small town in southern India Truly Essential was born to make people reap the absolute benefits of essential oils. Blessed with nature giving us its best, we bring essential oils to you in its most pristine form. 

Our product range consists of essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, Yoga blends and product blends which cater to enhance your day to day health and living. 

The essential oils are extracted via steam distillation, the most ancient and pure form of extraction. Farmers are the backbone of Truly Essential who supports us end to end by growing the aromatic plants, our motto ‘Soil to Oil’ is dedicated to their hard work and honesty. 

Mysuru being the Yoga capital of India has motivated us to curate pure essential oil Yoga blends and mists. Our Yoga range has helped Yoga practitioners all over the world to enhance their yoga practice and experience by complementing Yoga with Aromatherapy.

The brand Truly Essential stands for quality and consistency, and customers are our biggest asset. Every batch of essential oils and carrier oils are GLC tested supported with Certificate of Analysis. Our entire range of products are 100% natural, free from any synthetic fragrance, color or additives manufactured in our  G.M.P certified factory which ensures strict quality standards. An interesting fact about Truly Essential is that, the concept and brand stemmed out of a father daughter discussion over an early morning cup of tea. Being a family business run by love, ethics and values we at Truly Essential want families across the world to stay healthy with the goodness of our essential oils based products. 

Truly Essential, yours truly – Akshara Kumar, Founder